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The Observer 4 Star Review of the Song of Songs cd

The Observer 4 Star Review of Louth Contemporary Music Society’s Song of Songs cd.
Lang, Berio, Olivero: Song of Songs CD review – full of surprises
4 / 5 stars
(Louth Contemporary Music Society)

Fiona Maddocks


The spirited Louth Contemporary Music Society initiates performances of contemporary music in and around Drogheda and Dundalk, and makes a speciality of themed CD releases. These works by David Lang, Luciano Berio and Betty Olivero all relate to the Song of Songs – as a note by Paul Griffiths puts it, “a love song accepted as scriptural in Jewish and Christian traditions from times before reckoning”. Lang’s Just, delivered with expert purity by the Norwegian vocal group Trio Mediaeval, is bewitching and incantatory. Berio’s Naturale uses viola (Garth Knox), percussion (Sylvain Lemêtre) and a taped Sicilian folk singer, wild and ululating. Olivero’s En la Mar Hay Una Torre (In the Sea There Is a Lighthouse) mixes sea shanty and chorale, harp and strings. Hear it and be surprised.
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