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Linda Catlin Smith, Cassandra Miller, Laurence Crane
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20th November 2023
Louth Contemporary Music
Folk Traditional
Arts Council and Create Louth

Three powerfully beautiful works

feature on the latest release from the Louth Contemporary Music Society, all composed for this year’s LCMS midsummer festival. The music is various, but all of it haunting. All of it, too, creates a deep atmosphere of stillness.
Cassandra Miller’s The City, Full of People surrounds you with voices echoing from out of the sixteenth century, bearing memories of plaintive church music by Thomas Tallis.
From Laurence Crane, whose music is at once elementary and extraordinary, comes a string quartet that has one ear on the great quartet repertory and the other on the mouth organ.
Then the choir comes back for Linda Catlin Smith’s Folio, translucent and strange, finding music for the stray ventures towards poetry that Emily Dickinson jotted down.
The collection joins a sequence of LCMS recordings that have been widely acclaimed. Linda Catlin Smith’s earlier Meadow for strings, released as an EP, was chosen by Alex Ross of The New Yorker as one of the notable recordings of 2020. Steve Smith got it right: ‘a timely gift of easeful beauty’.
releases November 24, 2023

Executive Producer: Éamonn Quinn

Chamber Choir Ireland
Recorded at All Hallows Chapel, DCU All Hallows, Dublin, Ireland
17th June 2023
Producer: Alexander Van Ingen
Engineer: Dave Rowell
Editor: Alexander Van Ingen
Mix & ATMOS: Dave Rowell
all for Six Music Productions (www.sixmp.net)

Esposito Quartet
Recorded at St. Peter’s Church of Ireland, Drogheda, Ireland
11th September 2023
Producer & Engineer: Alexander Van Ingen
Editor & Mix: Alexander Van Ingen
ATMOS: Dave Rowell
all for Six Music Productions (www.sixmp.net)

Chamber Choir Ireland
Conductor: Paul Hillier
Sopranos: Abbi Temple, Felicity Hayward, Charlotte O’Hare, Sarah Keating
Altos: Christina Whyte, Stephen Wallace, Mark Chambers, Sarah Luttrell
Tenors: Rory Lynch, Edward Woodhouse, Paul Bentley-Angell, Christopher Bowen
Basses: Jeffrey Ledwidge, Paul McGough, Eoghan Desmond, William Gaunt

Esposito Quartet
Mia Cooper, violin, Anna Cashell, violin, Joachim Roewer, viola and William Butt, cello

Cassandra Miller’s The City, Full of People was commissioned by Eamonn Quinn of Louth Contemporary Music Society. The commission was jointly funded by LCMS and the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation

Laurence Crane’s String Quartet No. 2 was commissioned by Eamonn Quinn for Louth Contemporary Music Society with funding from the Arts Council of Ireland.

Linda Catlin Smith’s Folio was commissioned by Eamonn Quinn of Louth Contemporary Music Society

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