Louth Contemporary Music Society


Louth Contemporary Music Society Festival
June 16–17, 2023

We all know what folk music is, more or less. What about folks’ music, then? Would that be the music of lots of different folks? Indeed it would.

Folks’ Music will be the next annual midsummer festival presented by Louth Contemporary Music Society, and it will bring together just that: lots of different folks. Some with dirt on their musical boots.


Funded by the Arts Council and Create Louth. RTÉ Supporting the Arts and Louth County Council.

Map for festival venues below

FOLKS' MUSIC Early Bird Ticket.

16-17 June 2023 Dundalk Starts at €30

Chamber Choir Ireland

Fri, 16 June 8:00 PM
St.Nicholas Church of Ireland • Dundalk Starts at €13.66

Explore Ensemble

Sat, 17 Jun, 1:00 PM
Oriel Centre at Dundalk Gaol• Dundalk Starts at €

Sigma Project

Sat, 17 June, 3:00 PM
St. Vincent's Chapel • Dundalk Starts at €

Esposito Quartet with Special Guest

Sat, 17 Jun, 5:00 PM
Spirit Store Dundalk • Dundalk Starts at €

Irish Traditional Musicians led by Zoë Conway

Sat, Jun 18, 8:00 PM
St. Nicholas Church of Ireland • Dundalk