Louth Contemporary Music Society

Louth Contemporary Music Society’s new recording Irish Landscape with Rain.
Irish Landscape with Rain was written by Cuban Composer Leo Brouwer for Guitar Quartet. It is Brouwer’s first Irish commission and this is the world premiere recording of the work. All four guitars were played by Alec O’Leary.

Had times been normal, the veteran Cuban guitarist-composer Leo Brouwer would have been featured artist at this year’s midsummer weekend festival put on by the Louth Contemporary Music Society. But times are not, and the festival had, of course, to be cancelled.
Yet the music goes on. If there was no way for four guitarists to get together to play the piece commissioned for the festival, and no way for an audience to assemble in Dundalk to hear it, Irish Landscape with Rain has been brought to life by electronic means for a limitless public.
The internationally renowned Irish guitarist Alec O’Leary has multitracked a recording available here on the Louth society’s website, www.louthcms.org and other digital outlets.
Irish Landscape with Rain turns out to be a charming greeting conveyed from one island to another. The Irish landscape is there, perhaps, in a snatch of a tune, the rain in the plink-plink-plink of repeated notes. Cuban rhythms play along with this, sending bright Caribbean sunshine through the drizzle to make pure musical rainbows.