Louth Contemporary Music Society

Musicians that have performed at Louth Contemporary Music Society Concerts.

Joanna MacGregor Tangoes, Spirituals and Bach June 2006
Joanna MacGregor, piano

Terry Riley Spirals of Ragtime and Raga May 2007
Terry Riley, piano
Gyan Riley guitar
Arte Quartett, saxophone quartet
Crash Ensemble, ensemble

Arvo Pärt’s Baltic Voices in Ireland Feb 2008
State Choir Latvia
Michael McHale,piano and Ioana Petcu Colan, violin

Philip Glass July 2008
Philip Glass, piano
The Dublin Guitar Quartet, guitar quartet
Ioana Petcu Colan, violin duet with Philip Glass
Gerard McChrystal, saxophone duet with Philip Glass

John Tavener’s Temenos October 2008
Ulster Orchestra conducted by Tonu Kaljuste with soloists: Marta Sudraba, Ioana Petcu Colan and Doreen Curran
Patricia Rozario and the Oriel Trio
Polyphony conducted by Stephen Layton
Anonymous 4 with Rothko 4

The Rest is Noise: the music of Alexander Knaifel May 2009
Oleg Malov, piano
Patricia Rozario, soprano
Callino Quartet, quartet
Elizabeth Cooney, Joachim Roewer and Elizabeth Wilson, string trio

Ghost Opera and the Cusp of Magic July 2009
Kronos Quartet with Wu Man

Valentyn Silvestrov’s Temenos 09 Sept-Oct 2009
Louth Voices (Irish Choir of 20) conducted by Tonu Kaljuste
Elizabeth Cooney and Elisaveta Blumina
Hilliard Ensemble

Gubaidulina’s The Fire and the Rose. The Music of Sofia Gubaidulina May 2010
Heath Quartet, string quartet
Ivan Monighetti, cello
Dermot Dunne, accordion
The Dublin Guitar trio
Malachy Robinson, double bass

Terry Riley’s 75 birthday celebration October 2010
Terry Riley, piano
George Brooks, sax
Talvin Singh, tabla

Sounds of the Silk Road May 2011
Hilliard Ensemble
EQ Ensemble
Ivan Monighetti

Church Chants and Spiritual Verses May 2011
Sirin Choir Moscow

Metamorphoses October 2011
Celli Monighetti
Franghiz Ali Zadeh

Séan Ó Riada Mass (new arrangement by Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky) February 2012
EQ Singers, Zoe Conway and Laoise Kelly conducted by Eamonn Dougan

Rabih Abou Khalil’s Arabian Waltz May 2012
EQ Ensemble (Katherine Hunka, Malachy Robinson, Anna Cashell, Tony Wollard, Cian Ó Duill)
Elisaveta Blumina, piano

John Zorn The Holy Visions October 2012
Cyro Baptista’s Banquet of the Spirits with special guest Nonoko Yoshido
EQ Ensemble (Cliona Doris, Nick Brown, Elisaveta Blumina, Malcolm Neale, Alex Petcu) conducted by Gavin Moloney
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
John Zorn, organ Dundalk

Yanov-Yanovsky’s Ó Riada Re-imagined January 2013 Dublin and Galway
EQ Singers, Zoe Conway, Robbie Harris and Siobhan Armstrong conducted by Eamonn Dougan

Raskatov’s Monk’s Music February 2013
World premiere of Russian composer Alexander Raskatov’s Monk’s Music
Performed by the Carducci Quartet with Gordon Jones (bass)

Trio Mediaeval April 2013
Performed in Dundalk

Michael Gordon’s Timber performed by Mantra Percussion May 2013
Mantra performed Michael Gordon’s Timber at Drogheda Arts Festival

Haas in iij. noct
EQ Ensemble September 2013

EQ Ensemble held the Irish Premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas’  in iij. noct in Dundalk. The work was performed in total darkness.

Yanov-Yanovsky’s Ó Riada Re-imagined September 2013 Belfast
EQ Singers, Zoe Conway, Gary Grant and Siobhan Armstrong conducted by Eamonn Dougan

Kurtág’s Kafka Fragments February 2014 Dundalk
Claire Booth, soprano and Peter Manning, violin

Alexander Raskatov’s Monk’s Music and other works May 2014 Drogheda
Carducci Quartet with Robert MacDonald
Alexander Raskatov and Elena Wassileva.

Alvin Lucier’s Sounds in Space June 2014 Dundalk
Alvin Lucier, Francesco Dillon, Manuel Zurria, Carol Robinson and Kairos Quartet

John Cage’s Music Circus a House full of Music June 2014 Dundalk
The Kairos Quartett | Carol Robinson | Manuel Zurria | Francesco Dillon | Pavlos Kanellakis Siobhan Armstrong | Richard O’Donnell’s Percussion Quartet | Saileog Ní Cheannabháin performed music by John Cage | Alvin Lucier | Eliane Radigue | György Kurtàg | Arvo Pärt | J.S.Bach John Dowland | Carol Robinson | Mary Jane Leach | Peter Garland | Irish sean nos | Improv  with Vincent Woods reading John Cage’s Indeterminacy

David Lang and Betty Olivero’s The Song of Songs October 2014
Trio Mediaeval, Garth Knox, Agnes Vesterman, Sylvain Lemetre, Cliona Doris and Andrew Synott including the premiere of Lang’s just (after song of songs)

Kurtag’s Ghosts May 2015
Marino Formenti, piano

Christian Wolff A Celebration May 2015
Christian Wolff, Rohan de Saram and Robyn Schulkowsky
Christian Wolff was interviewed before the concert by Paul Griffiths.

Michael Pisaro’s asleep, forest, melody, path October 2015
Carol Robinson clarinet, Severine Ballon, cello with field recordings made by David Stalling

Frode Haltli’s Blissful Pentecost March 2016
Frode Haltli, Garth Knox, Vegar Vårdal, Amund Sjølie Sveen

Music Books June 2016
3 World Premieres featuring music by Jürg Frey, Onute Narbutaite, John Zorn, Gorecki, Ustvolskaya, Jakob Ullmann

Jürg Frey, Keren Motseri, Ian Pace, Diamanda Dramm, Gavan Ring, Garth Knox, Sylvain Lemetre, Agnès Vesterman, Julia Roberts, Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

James Dillon’s The Louth Work: Orphic Fragments  April 2017
Performed by Crash Ensemble with soprano Peyee Chen conducted by Sinead Hayes. Electronics and Sound by David Stalling

Jürg Frey and Salvatore Sciarrino’s Silenzio June 2017
Louth Contemporary Music Society’s June 2017 SILENZIO contemporary music festival focused on the work of one of the great composers of our time, Salvatore Sciarrino, making his first visit to Ireland. Also featured are several international performers including Hélène Fauchère, Carol Robinson, Quartetto Prometeo, Matteo Cesari, Valentina Coladonato, Silvia Tarozzi and Deborah Walker and the outstanding vocal ensemble Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. SILENZIO also presented the result of an ongoing collaboration with the Swiss composer Jürg Frey: the world première of his I Listened to the Wind Again. The festival also featured music by Jürg Frey, Salvatore Sciarrino, Giacinto Scelsi, William O.Smith, Cassandra Miller, Malcolm Goldstein among others.

Four Thousand Holes May 2018
Taka Kigawa and Russell Greenberg performed a programme by Karen Tanaka, Tristan Murail and John Luther Adams. It was described in the Journal of Music as Emanating Sparks.

The Book of Hours June 2018
Featured Gothic Voices, Goevyaerts String Trio, Carol Robinson, Juliet Fraser, Séverine Ballon, Helen Bledseo, Matteo Cesari, Pascale Berthelot, Gavin Bryars, Michael Pisaro and Music Generation Louth’s students from St.Malachy’s Girls performing music by Michael Pisaro, Gavin Bryars, Arvo Pärt, Karen Tanaka, Wolfgang von Schweinitz, Salvatore Sciarrino, Gérard Pesson, Galina Grigorjeva, Rebecca Saunders and Linda Buckley.

Nicole Lizée’s Spielberg Études May 2019
World premiere performed by Megumi Masaki at Drogheda Arts Festival.

Stations of the Sun June 2019
Five concerts over 2 days featuring Camilla Hoitenga, Raphaële Kennedy, Aliisa Barrière, Jakob Kullberg, META4, Goeyvaerts String Trio with Herlinde Verjans and Tore Tom Denys, Hiromi Kikuchi and Ken Hakii, The Russian Patriarchate Choir conducted by Anatoly Grindenko

The Gathering 2020 (Postponed due to the Public Health Crisis with COVID 19)

We Sing for the Future 14-18 April 2021
Online Festival featuring video concerts of Sarah Hennies Contralto, Apartment House + Michael McHale + Fiona Kelly performed music by Cornelius Cardew and Laurence Crane from Henry Wood Hall, London, Marc Sabat + Mareike Yin-Yee Lee’s SEE HEAR, Fredrik Rasten’s Six Moving Guitars, Kevin Lenguas de Fuego performed by Mia Cooper, Anna Cashel, Joachim Roewer, William Butt, Brian Dungan, Silvija Scerbaviciute conducted by Andrew Synnott, Carolin Widmann’s Another Prayer, Cuban Guitars: the music of Leo Brouwer featuring Andrey Lebedev + Cecelia Bignall from Cafe OTO London, Alec O’Leary, Santiago Gomez Kodela, Pavla Lušin, Colm Connolly. Bren Finan reviewed the festival in the Journal of Music said I realised that I was inhabiting the same psychic space that Louth Contemporary Music Festival creates each year. In that space there was something I never experience at other festivals, and in that experience a kind of homecoming.

Michael Pisaro-Liu’s asleep, wind, voice, poe May 2022
Apartment House
performed in Ireland for the first time with Olwen Fouéré, voice, David Bremner, piano and David Stalling, electronics and field recordings. 

Nothing has Changed. Everything has Changed 17-18 June 2022
Sam Perkin’s Flow, Linda Catlin Smith’s Meadow, Andrew Synnott’s I follow, I follow.. and Gavin Bryars Wittgenstein Fragments (WP)
with words by Vincent Woods. The musicians were the outstanding Irish string quartet, the Esposito, ace flautist Silvija Scerbaviciute and soprano Juliet Fraser. 
Pascal Dusapin’s O Mensch was performed by Vanessa Wagner and Mitch Riley.
Bára Gísladóttir + Skúli Sverrisson performed in the Spirit Store.
Rebecca Lane and Jon Heilbron performed Cat Lamb’s Muto Infinitas.
Vox Clamantis performed works by Arvo Pärt, Helena Tulve, a world premiere by Siobhan Cleary Storm in Devon and Lou Harrison’s Mass for St. Cecilia’s Day with Andrew Lawrence-King on psalter