Saturday Evening Concert: Russian Patriarchate Choir

The Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow conducted by Anatoly Grindenko will perform for the first time in Ireland at Saturday 22 June 2019 at 5pm in St.Nicholas Church of Ireland Dundalk as part of Louth Contemporary Music Society’s Station of the Sun Festival

They are more than just singers. They are clerics, monks, explorers and miners whose knowledge and voices bring us the treasures from the depths of history and the great and rich Eastern, Christian, Orthodox Russian sacred and profane vocal music. They are the Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow, twelve members under the leadership of their founder Anatoly Grindenko. Although small in number, they build with their impressive Russian bass voices mystical music cathedrals on top of which shine melodies of Slavic sentimental tenors. Their concerts performed throughout the world, from churches to the biggest stages of the most important concert halls, are cherished in thrilled concert reviews and critics reporting not just about top level music experiences but also mystical experiences. Without doubt, the concert of the Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow is going to be a unique brilliant jewel in the Stations of the Sun festival.

Funded by the Arts Council and Create Louth. Supported by RTÉ Supporting the Arts.

Tickets €10 available here

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