Michael Pisaro’s Asleep, Forest, Melody, Path

A unique evening of sounds and silence.

forest_sample2Journey through an atmosphere of intricate soundscapes and absolute stillness with this exclusive upcoming performance of Los Angeles based composer Michael Pisaro’s work asleep, forest, melody, path (2013) for musicians and field recordings in the unique setting of the Oriel Centre at Dundalk Gaol on Saturday 17 October 2015 at 8pm.

Using recordings made at various locations in Co.Louth by composer David Stalling and Music Generation Louth students, the musicians Carol Robinson, clarinet and Severine Ballon will perform Pisaro’s beautiful work described by New York Times music critic Steve Smith as a “patient, unpredictable, exceedingly beautiful mingling of simple structures, improvised textures and field recordings.”

Pisaro, one of the key members of the Wandelweiser collective uses silence, field recordings, stillness as key aspects of his work. The collective by Europe-based composers including Antoine Beuger and Jürg Frey extends the American experimental-music tradition started by John Cage, Christian Wolff, and their New York circle during the 1950s. Michael Pisaro crafts intricate soundscapes that hover at the boundaries between sound and silence whilst creating beautiful experiences for the listener.Saturday 17 October 2015