Huge Praise for LCMS new recording Meadow

Louth Contemporary Music Society’s new cd Meadow was released on Friday 11 December 2020. Meadow was commissioned by Eamonn Quinn for Louth Contemporary Music Society. Mia Cooper, violin, Joachim Roewer, viola and Bill Butt recorded the work in August 2020 in Dublin.  The cover image was kindly given to LCMS by Irish visual artist Alice Maher.

The recording is listed as one of the notable recordings of 2020 by one of the world’s leading music critics and writers Alex Ross of the New Yorker Magazine. Similarly Tim Rutherford-Johnson featured the recording on his list of Recordings of 2020.
Steve Smith picked it as Album of the week on 11 December 2020
Michael Dervan in the Irish Times described the recording as deeply meditative
Louth Contemporary Music Society is funded by the Arts Council and financially supported by Create Louth.

Alex Ross’ Notable Recordings of 2020

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Linda Catlin Smith, “Meadow”; Mia Cooper, Joachim, Bill Butt (Louth Contemporary Music Society)

Rambler Releases of 2020
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Linda Catlin Smith: Meadow (Louth CMS)

Any new recording of Linda Catlin Smith’s music is to be welcomed, but this issue of Meadow, released by Louth Contemporary Music Society near the very end of the year (launch event on 11 December here) feels very special. A 30-minute string trio, Meadow scrapes a little deeper into the influences of early music that frequently run beneath the surface of Smith’s music: like a Dufay motet it conveys an atmosphere of melody and polyphony without constraint, but also of contemplation and extraordinary warmth. If Höstman caught the end of the pre-pandemic world, maybe her Canadian contemporary points to a future after it.

Michael Dervan The Irish Times
Mia Cooper (violin), Joachim Roewer (viola) and William Butt (cello) play with a tactful reserve that serves to highlight the occasional moments of glowing warmth or severe discordant tension in this deeply meditative work.

Album of the Week by Steve Smith. New York

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