Paul Griffiths review of Klang

Wolfgang von Schweinitz: Plainsound String Trio ‘KLANG auf Schön Berg La Monte Young’ Goeyvaerts String Trio ​Louth Contemporary Music Society LCMS 1903 Imagine a slab…

LCMS music In Van Eyck Documentary

Sunday 24 May the premiere on Belgium television of La Tentation du réel. A documentary about the Lamb of God by the Van Eyck brothers.…

Klang cd reviewed in the Sunday Times

Review of LCMS cd Klang in the Sunday Times : Quite fascinating and ideal for “gramophone” listening.

New LCMS Cd Klang

Klang LCMS1903 Wolfgang von Schweinitz (b. 1953) 1. Plainsound String Trio KLANG auf Schön Berg La Monte Young…… (43.34) Goeyvaerts String Trio The dilated beauty…

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