Friday Night Concert: Kaija Saariaho Changing Light

On the evening of Friday June 21 as the sun shines longest on our northern hemisphere, new music will burst from Dundalk The path begins with…

LCMS’s new gorgeous CD Klang

LCMS1903 Klang Wolfgang von Schweinitz (b. 1953) 1. Plainsound String Trio KLANG auf Schön Berg La Monte Young…… (43.34) Goeyvaerts String Trio Release 14 June…

LCMS Spotify Playlist

[spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:user:exquinn:playlist:5EkBrxpjg4wELFGfu4d3ZH”/]

Harte Island Project New York

LCMS’ recording of David Lang’s just after song of songs used on the Harte Island Website. The Hart Island Project New York provides access to…

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