LCMS Committee Members January 2018

Zoë Conway (Chair)
Eamonn Quinn
Gemma Murray
Alannagh Brennan
David Stalling
Bernadette Fergus

Louth Contemporary Music is governed by a voluntary board, see list above and biographies below:

Zoë Conway is a musician based in Louth. Zoë effortlessly combines a background steeped in Ireland’s rich aural music tradition with a strong founding in classical music. Her versatility as an instrumentalist has allowed her to perform across a broad range of genres, from guest soloist with world renowned orchestras. Zoë brings skills in music, production and promotion to Louth Contemporary Music Society.

Eamonn Quinn is a founding member of Louth Contemporary Music Society. A graduate of Queens University Belfast, he is a Project Manager in an education organisation in Co. Louth. His skills in relation to Louth Contemporary Music Society are in project management, curating programmes, artist liaison, production and promotion

Gemma Murray is also a founding member of Louth Contemporary Music Society. A graduate of Queen’s University Belfast, Gemma is also the Project Co-ordinator of Music Generation Louth. Gemma’s skills in relation to Louth Contemporary Music Society relate to programming, PR and Press and budgeting

Alannagh Brennan is an expert in multiple fields across communications and creative multimedia. Currently focusing on Social Media Marketing, Design and Photography. She is a graduate of the creative media department of the Dundalk Institute of Technology.

David Stalling Originally from Bochum, Germany, David Stalling has been working as a composer, sound artist and musician since the early 1990s. His works have been performed and exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad.  David’s practice transcends the traditional definition of composing, utilising a variety of media: acoustic and electronic sound; field recordings and found objects; video and lighting. He also experiments and improvises with self-built instruments and microphones. David’s skills in relation to Louth Contemporary Music Society include sound recordings, curation and artistic liaison.

Bernadette Fergus is a health care worker based in Dundalk. Bernadette has an active interest in new music and the arts particularly community arts. Bernadette brings skills in community arts and local networks to Louth Contemporary Music Society.

Louth Contemporary Music is committed to good governance and has begun the process of implementing and complying with the Governance Code.
Louth Contemporary Music LTD’s Annual Accounts for 2016 are available here LCMSccounts2016