Louth Contemporary Music Society

Reviews from Silenzio June 2017
Louth Contemporary Music Society has a reputation that was recognised internationally earlier this year by the award to its founder, Eamonn Quinn, of the €20,000 Belmont Prize, for innovative programming. The Silenzio Festival further cements that reputation.
Michael Dervan, The Irish Times.

A perfect end to a wondrous weekend of the most ambitious music-making.
Louth Contemporary Music Society unquestionably deserves to sit alongside the very best contemporary musical festivals. Its most recent, Silenzio, which took place last weekend in Dundalk, on Ireland’s east coast, only cements that fact yet more solidly.
5 against 4

"Leaving the concert, you felt inclined, at least for a short while, to speak a little softer, and to listen a little closer" –
Sciarrino in Ireland. Brendan Finan The Journal of Music

"The wondrous nature of such unity of purpose, the human magic of it, is all the more apparent having materialised out of the fog."
Ian Maleney, The Wire August 2017

Louth Contemporary Music Society

“Louth Contemporary Music Society is one of the most adventurous music promoters in Ireland”. Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

Louth Contemporary Music Society (LCMS) was established in 2006 to bring international contemporary composers and musicians to perform and educate in Louth. It has a strong track record for excellence and innovation in contemporary music programming. It has established Louth as a centre for excellence in contemporary music, not only within Ireland but internationally.

Founding Artistic Director Eamonn Quinn is the artistic driving force behind Louth Contemporary Music Society. He has garnered increasing international recognition for his passion for, commitment and contribution to contemporary music since LCMS’ establishment in 2006.

Exceptional things only happen when the passion of individuals nourish an idea. When Eamonn approached me in 2006 and asked for a new work, I felt this passion. It, and the story of Ireland, inspired me to create The Deer’s Cry, which ever since has been very close to my heart. I gratefully remember my collaboration with him and his society. The music world needs such committed fighters as Eamonn Quinn. Arvo Pärt, Composer June 2017.

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